calm, cool and collected

I wasn’t planning on putting up a post today because the last few days I’ve felt really crummy, just not well, and the weather only makes it worse. But this morning before I took a shower, I found a bottle of Thymes Eucalyptus body wash that I got as a gift and hadn’t used yet. It was a favorite of mine some years ago and I’d all but forgotten about it. So I used it in the shower and let the small space fill with the wonderful green/citrus scent. Afterwards I went into the linen closet, dug around for a bit, and lo and behold, there was my old bottle of Thymes Eucalyptus cologne! Perfect, I thought. I sprayed my neck and wrists and behind my knees, and this amazing scent keeps drifting upwards in such a way that I think I’m starting to come out of my funk. I went to the Thymes website and they break down their Eucalyptus like so: Top notes of lemon, lime and bergamot. Middle notes of lemongrass and green florals. Base notes of rosewood and fir. It’s like having a cooling breeze envelop me…and I know it’s not therapy and I know it’s not a pill, but swear to God, every time I breathe it in I feel a little bit better.

Today’s lip- Another favorite, Rouge Coco in Lune Rousse by Chanel. I know I’ve written about this one before but it really is an old fave, tried and true. And I really, really needed a red lip today. Not burgundy brown or dark plum or dirty purple but RED. I’m not going anywhere, just staying home today, but I needed this, and I have to say when I pass the mirror, it rather does make me want to smile a little.


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